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StatOSS.Dev is a cutting-edge, privacy-focused web analytics tool designed to provide comprehensive insights into web traffic for businesses and individuals. This software solution emphasizes user privacy while offering a range of detailed reports that cover various aspects of web analytics.

Privacy Focus StatOSS.Dev ensures that all data handling respects user privacy, making it an ideal choice for those concerned about data security in web analytics.



  • Account Overview: Quickly access a summary of your account, including all tracked websites.

  • Website Tracking: Effortlessly manage and monitor the performance of multiple websites from a single dashboard.


  • Performance Summary: Get a snapshot of your website's overall performance, including user engagement and traffic sources.

Realtime Analytics

  • Current Visitors: See who's on your site in real time and what they're engaging with.


  • User Interactions: Analyze how visitors interact with your site, from page views to bounce rates.

  • Pages: Dive into the performance of individual pages, understanding what captures your audience's attention.

Traffic Sources

  • Landing Pages: Identify which landing pages are most effective in converting visitors.

  • Acquisitions: Understand where your traffic is coming from - direct, referral, or paid.

  • Referrers: See which external sites are directing traffic to your website.

  • Search Engines: Gauge how well search engines are contributing to your site traffic.

  • Social Networks: Measure the impact of social media platforms on your website's traffic.

  • Campaigns: Track the performance of marketing campaigns and their contribution to traffic and conversions.

Geographic Insights

  • Continents, Countries, Cities: Break down your audience geographically to tailor your content and marketing strategies.

  • Languages: Understand the language preferences of your audience to optimize your site's accessibility and relevance.


  • Operating Systems & Browsers: See which operating systems and browsers your visitors are using, helping you optimize for compatibility.

  • Screen Resolutions: Analyze screen resolution data to ensure your site looks great on all devices.

  • Devices: Identify whether your visitors prefer mobile, tablet, or desktop, allowing for device-specific optimizations.


  • Custom Events: Track custom events that matter to your business, from button clicks to form submissions, providing insights into user behavior and interaction patterns.

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